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Digger is such a happy dog!

Dear CDHS staff & volunteers, 

Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt Digger Dan (now just called Digger). What an absolute joy he is! 

Digger is doing really well. We found out he has food allergies and hip dysplasia, but we are taking care of both. He is doing well on Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Bison food, benadryl and glucosamine supplements. 

Digger is such a happy dog! He absolutely loves when we get company or if we visit my family, which is usually weekly. I think he knows he has an entire family that loves him.

One of his funny little quirks is that he is afraid of the steps going to my parents' basement (going down is scary, up is ok). So, instead of leaving their house that way, we use the front steps which are OK with him. 

He appears to be a bit afraid of heights as he's very cautious looking out the car window too. He peaks out and then snuggles back into the back of the seat. 

I have attached some pictures for you to enjoy. One is of him sleeping, on his back, paws up ... so cute! The second to last picture is of Digger and my parents' dog, Boo Boo Bear. As you can see, they get along just fine. Because they look so much alike, I'll point out that Boo is on the left side of the picture with the amazingly long tail. I have attached a picture of Boo from 2007 too so that you can see how much he looks like Digger. 

Pretty soon we will be moving! I was able to buy a house in town and it already has a fenced back yard! I think Digger will LOVE his back yard. We will move there in mid-June, so we'll keep you updated with our address. When we move, we'll only be 5-10 blocks away from the family that loves us. How awesome is that! I see a lot of family walks in our future. 

Take care and thanks again for this sweet little dog! 

 Kelli Schroeder