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Ambush 4 Month Update

Ambush has been with us 4 months. She has settled nicely into our pack of dogs and people. She loved the other 3 dogs almost immediately and frequently snuggles up with them to sleep. She is so curious and so smart, watching everything that goes on around her. She has had to learn a lot in our busy house full of dogs and people coming and going.

She has tons of energy. We are still working on walking on a leash, but she loves to run and run in the back yard and she makes laps around the house when she is all fired up.

We get so excited about all of her ‘firsts’ – from the first time giving us her belly to rub or running excitedly to the door when we come home – to finding her bark and giving little kisses on the nose. She has learned to play with toys and now she initiates play with us – she is starting to come when I call her or bring her toy back to me so I can throw it again.

We have picked up on a couple of triggers that put her in a very afraid state, so we work with her patiently and with kindness. Maybe someday she won’t even remember those triggers. It is so cool to watch her get better. Thank you so much for giving her a second chance at a good life. Know that she is so loved, very spoiled, and that she has found her forever home.

Paula Jo