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Our Little Man

Hello! The Diffely family would love to update all of you @ CDHS about our little man - Davey or as all of you called him David.

Davey is a bundle of energy but so much fun! He wants attention from anyone & loves to talk back especially when someone tells him "NO!" ! He loves to snuggle in bed, play fetch, explore in the back yard and follows Ellie everywhere. Sometimes he'll sneak away with a shoe or slipper !

He is almost 5 months old, growing so fast & weighs almost 8 pounds! The vet says he's in perfect health!

We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family & he fits in just perfectly! Thank you CDHS for giving us the chance to love him & give him a happy home. We hope you enjoy these recent photos of Davey !!

Steve, Abby & Ellie Diffely