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Henry (formerly known as Schroeder)

Greetings fellow softies!

We just wanted to take a minute and let you know how Henry (formerly known as Shroeder) our three-legged wonder cat is doing.

We had a few concerns that he might struggle a bit with the stairs, all the big dogs, and his new supervisor (our other cat, Paul). But he has proven that he is truly a part of the family.

The dog thing lasted about one minute after I put him down on his new forever-home floor. Most cats we have known come into a new area and instantly find somewhere to hide. This was NOT the case! He simply lay in the middle of the floor while everyone else sniffed, licked, barked and ran around. He appears to have nothing even resembling fear. His favorite place in the house is always the middle (and I mean Middle!) of the room with that contains the majority of the other critters.

With regard to stairs, we started feeding him downstairs in the master bathroom and he instantly took to following us up and down the stairs every time we used them, always letting us know that he believed it was time for dinner! He moves up and down quicker than we can and actually prefers the landing in the middle as a great scouting location to observe both areas of the house.

Henry and Paul have also taken to each other well. They first acted as though the other just simply didn’t exist. But they definitely share one thing in common. They love to eat! They each get a bowl of food in the same room two times daily and together count down the minutes and seconds to meal time with a chorus of meows and peeking around the corner in anticipation of the next meal. They have a room that they share together at night with a single bed and three stuffed cat beds. (The bed had to have the frame removed for easy three legged access.) And while they both believe the bed to be the best location to sleep, they each get their “own half” with an imaginary line down the middle. Don’t want to look “too close”!!!

We absolutely LOVE the guy. He couldn’t be a sweeter fella! Thank you, ALL, for all that you do every day to protect those that have no words. The work you do gives these loving critters forever homes and me the hope that there are more of us out there and we can make a difference!


Ned and Jane Wright