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Marley (formerly known as Marlin)

So,its been a few years since we adopted Marlin (now known as Marley) from CDHS. As you may remember, Marley was rescued from the farm south of Jamestown where there were 50+ dogs. He was malnourished, and not socialized. CDHS did a fantastic job of making Marley healthy and ready for adoption.

We found Marley on the website, and he has been a fantastic addition to our family. He is whip smart (and very crafty in getting what he wants). He is still very cautious around strangers, and it takes a bit of time for him to warm up to friends, but he loves his fenced back yard, and he looks forward to walks after work and weekend trips to the dog park.

He doesn't like to sit still and pose for pictures, so I was lucky to catch him in this pose overlooking his territory.

He now spends his time with his little "brother" Nicco (a Pembroke Corgi), and they both make sure that all treats and attention are distributed equally.


Ross Molskness