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Jordy and Lily (formerly Hash and Squinto)

We adopted Hash (Jordy) and Squinto (Lily) in June. They are doing great! They've grown so much and Jordy is now bigger than Lily. When we brought them home, Jordy had been losing some of his fluffy fur around his neck. He continued to get shorter hair on his back and sides too but now he is getting fluffier again. They have settled in and seem very happy. Our girls adore them and give them lots of hugs and kisses. It's been fun seeing each of the kitties' personalities come out. Lily is such a little lady and wants attention on her terms. She's a talker so we always know how she's feeling. Jordy is a goofball and much more mischievous. We are so glad we kept them together because they are still such great buddies! Even my husband said it would be boring around here without Jordy if we just had Lily.

Thanks so much for the great care they received with you. We know Sue took extra good care of Lily when she was first brought in because she had injuries.

Thanks again!
The Wagner family