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Lacey (formerly known as Frozen)

Lacey formerly "Frozen" is doing very well. She gets along well with the dogs and cats in the house. Alternately, abusing or loving them. We got her a cat tree which she has claimed as her very own and earned the name "Monkey Claws" Lacey and Tango systematically trash the living room. While Lacey and Sady sleep together regularly. We find her both a joy and a challenge. She is very bright so it's a challenge to come up with new ways to challenge her. She is extremely loving and still loves cuddling. She is starting to learn to be careful with her claws. Still has a bit of a Buddha belly but as she's growing up she is starting to lose that. Am attaching a photo of her and Tango after a living room thrashing. The old cat is not impressed with all her energy, but we have not had any serious incidents between them so have no worries there.
Thank you so much for letting us adopt her as she really is a joy and we hope to have her around for a long long time. 

Charlie and Janeen Swenson