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Spook and Tahoe

Hi everyone! 

It's us, Spook and Tahoe! It's been almost a year since we were adopted and boy have we had adventures! We are living with our mom, Caitlin, in Jackson Mississippi now! We are quite well traveled, having been in eight states in just a few months as we moved! 

Though it was a rough start last year since we both wanted all of Caitlin's attention, we've settled into our rhythm and are doing quite well! We each get a side of the bed at night with Caitlin getting just a smidge of space in the middle. She doesn't need that much space, right? We have a ton of toys and lots of play time when she gets home in the evening! We even have a cat door that Caitlin opens up when she gets home so that we are allowed outside, but can't roam too far! 

Caitlin's parents love their grandcats too and like to send us treats and toys during different holidays! Did you know they make catnip filled leprechauns for St. Patrick's day?! There's always something fun for us in the packages! The vet said we shouldn't eat so many treats but we are happy that Caitlin doesn't always listen. 

We all miss Bismarck, but we want to let you know that we are 3 peas in a furry little pod! Thanks for all that you did while you took care of us! Caitlin is so glad that we were able to meet and become a family! She says she couldn't have asked for better partners to adventure with! We hope you are doing well too! 


Spook and Tahoe