Happy New Year! Here's to 2021!

Every year, during the Phantom Ball, we ask that you donate to the animals at the CDHS shelter rather than spending money on a fancy New Year's Eve party.

This year, we would love for you to continue the tradition of giving, but we also wish for you an evening of self-care and enjoyment.

In honor of the 2020 Phantom Ball, we suggest you stay home (just like every other night of 2020), order a pizza, break out the wine and hot cocoa, do some online shopping, watch some TV, laugh at something silly, and relax.

Enjoy your evening, but most of all, take care of you. 2021 is coming. It will likely bring challenges for the humans and animals, but we're holding out hope for a better and brighter year - one full of opportunity, joy, and lots of rescued animals.

THANK YOU for your donation! You are making a difference - helping to save the lives of pets in need.

Enjoy an evening of relaxation

Enjoy an evening of relaxation

RSVP by donating to the animals!

$25 - Go ahead. Order the chicken wings, bread sticks, and brownie dessert along with your pizza. AND, provide chicken baby food for a litter of kittens.

$50 - Google "Edible Cookie Dough." YUM-O! AND, provide a health check and vaccines for a homeless dog.

$75 - Three words - Wine And Cheese. AND, provide cat litter for our shelter cats for two days.

$100 - Impulse buy matching pajamas for you & your dog. AND, sponsor the neuter of a dog.

$150 - Order a new monthly subscription box. For Fido? For Fluffy? For you? AND, sponsor the spay of a cat.

$300 - Breathe deep and count your blessings. AND, help to fund emergency medical cases.

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