Pawsitively Speaking

The following is part of an article that appeared in an edition of "Focus On All Fours," the CDHS newsletter.

Betsy Hamkens is the owner and trainer of Positive Motivational Obedience and Agility Instruction. Classes are available in Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, and Agility (obstacle and sequence). Hamkens generously offers a discount of one-half off the price of her training sessions for anyone who adopts a dog from CDHS. 
Professional Dog Trainer Shares Her Knowledge
Someone in the crowd asked dog trainer Betsy Hamkens if they could bring their two-year-old son to her canine obedience training classes. Everyone got a little chuckle, but Hamkens acknowledged that training a dog is a lot like raising a child - it takes patience, love and consistency on the part of the "parent."

Hamkens, owner of Positive Motivational Obedience and Agility Instruction, recently conducted an informative session on dog training at the CDHS shelter. This was her second session in a series of four, entitled "Pawsitively Speaking." About 30 people turned out to gain some insight into how to better train their dogs. They learned about everything from what kind of collar and leash to use on their dog to what tone of voice to use when giving commands.

One person said, "I learned a lot - like what Betsy said about Northern breeds running from their owners. We could never figure out why Echo, our Eskimo/Poodle cross, loves to be chased, and that must be why! I always though he didn't need much exercise because he is so little, but I was wrong about that!"

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